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“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”

Denis Waitley




Have you noticed how many people seem to just drop out these days? Some appear to hide while others just give up. Many have been focused on an impossible dream while others have found that the bridge to the future they expected has been washed away.

I wonder how many of us suffer because we have an all or nothing set of unrealistic expectations. Lately it seems like whole generations had it so good that they expected that things would always be better and filled with reward as if it is their due. Unfortunately the easy life lived in a phantasy world is probably gone forever. We blew bubbles way too large on borrowed money and unachievable dreams and when they burst we found that they were beyond repair.

So what’s to done? In my view we all can benefit from a trip back to the drawing board. Certainly establishing a life plan that recognizes that the terrain has changed is better than spending the rest of our lives agonizing over what no longer exists. Personally I think most of us are better off when we no longer have to chase a mythical reward nor acquire more space to house what we don’t need. For me I would not even be tempted to trade one of your friendships for the latest new toy that sellers try to convince me I can’t live without.

I also have learned that a stumble, an impassable detour or even an outright failure is not the end of the world, in fact more often than not it marks the opportunity for a new beginning. When did so many of us become convinced that our self-worth is measured by our titles, our wealth or our stockpile of material goods? When did we start to believe that we always have to demonstrate to others that we have it all leaving little left over to demonstrate our worthiness to ourselves?

OK enough of that. All I care about is that you let yourself be happy and that you have learned as I have that reprograming your life is filled with reward.

Here is something that Ralph Marston wrote in somewhat the same vein that think is worth a read.


Your very best effort

Don't let your disappointment become an excuse to stop caring. If you seek to avoid all possibilities of disappointment, you'll end up avoiding all opportunities for fulfillment. It can be painful when your results don't match your expectations. However, if you never make the attempt, the pain of your regret will be far greater than the pain of any disappointment.

It may not be much fun, but you can handle the disappointments. In fact, you can choose to let each disappointment make you even more positively motivated and committed. Don't run away or hide from life just because it hurts sometimes. Give your time and energy to what you truly care about, instead of wasting your precious moments in worry and fear.

Though many factors are beyond your control, you can always control where your energy is focused. Your best strategy is to focus that energy toward creating the life you most sincerely desire. Remind yourself that you can successfully deal with whatever results you get. Then step forward, give your very best effort, and bring your dreams to life.


“Our choices in life are made according to our sense of our own worth”

Kaylan Pickford


A Michigan circuit judge tells about a divorce suit he handled recently.  "I think you might as well give your husband a divorce," he advised the wife.

"What!" shouted the lady.  "I have lived with this bum for twenty years, and now I should make him happy?"


Someone sent me a postcard picture of the earth.  On the back it said, "Wish you were here."

Steven Wright


When visiting the senior center I heard him say:

I'm the life of the party......  even if it lasts until 8 p.m.

I'm usually interested in going home before I get to where I am going.

I'm awake many hours before my body allows me to get up.

I'm smiling all the time because I can't hear a thing you're saying.

I'm very good at telling stories; over and over and over and over...

I'm aware that other people's grandchildren are not nearly as cute as mine.

I'm so cared for -- long term care, eye care, private care, dental care.

I'm sure everything I can't find is in a safe secure place, ...somewhere.

I'm having trouble remembering simple words like.......

I'm beginning to realizing that aging is not for wimps.

I'm sure they are making adults much younger these days, and when did they let kids become policemen?

I'm wondering, if you're only as old as you feel, how could I be alive at 150?

And, how can my kids be older than I feel sometimes?

I'm a walking storeroom of facts.....  I've just lost the key to the storeroom door.

I am pretty sure he said it and not me, I just can’t remember for sure.


Just because things are not going perfectly does not mean they are not going well.

Al Groh


He said: One Sunday morning when my son, David, was about 5, we were attending a church in our community. It was common for the preacher to invite the children to the front of the church and have a small lesson before beginning the sermon. He would bring in an item they could find around the house and relate it to a teaching from the Bible.

This particular morning, the visual aid for his lesson was a smoke detector. He asked the children if anyone knew what it meant when an alarm sounded from the smoke detector.

My child immediately raised his hand and said, "It means Daddy's cooking dinner."


A mother may hope that her daughter will get a better husband that she did, but she knows her son will never get as good a wife as his father did.


Coming out of church, Mrs. Peterson asked her husband, "Do you think that Johnson girl is tinting her hair?"

"I didn't even see her," admitted Mr. Peterson.

"And that dress Mrs. Hansen was wearing," continued Mrs. Peterson, "Really, don't tell me you think that's the proper costume for a mother of two."

"I'm afraid I didn't notice that either," said Mr. Peterson.

"Oh, for heaven's sake," snapped Mrs. Peterson.  "A lot of good it does you to go to church."


“Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun. Care for those around you. Look past your differences. Their dreams are no less than yours, their choices no more easily made. And give, give in any way you can, of whatever you possess. To give is to love. To withhold is to wither. Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace.”

Kent Nerburns


Stay well, do good work, and have fun.


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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