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The most valuable things in life are not measured in monetary terms. The really important things are not houses and lands, stocks and bonds, automobiles and real state, but friendships, trust, confidence, empathy, mercy, love and faith.

Bertrand Russell



It is another one of those days. Yesterday was so productive that it wore me out and now this morning my meetings start at 6 AM so join with me as I take us back to an earlier day.


Ray’s Daily first published on September 10, 2004

One of the problems I am having is my ability to adequately express these feelings to friends in other countries. The most recent example happened when I sent a drawing from Slate Magazine to friends in Russia. The drawing was of a Russian Bear, with a tear running down his cheek, holding a young child in his paws. I was moved by the drawing as it expressed how so many of us feel about the recent deaths of so many innocent children in Russia. One of my Russian friends took offense to the drawing thinking of it as a cartoon that was a humorous attempt to make light of the tragedy. We exchanged a number of e-mails in an attempt for us to understand each other. I believe that this is a good example of just how important people-to-people exchange is to our understanding each other.

International exchanges should not be limited to the diplomatic efforts of government leaders; it is time for as much public involvement and public diplomacy as possible, not less involvement as now seems to be the case. People are afraid to travel, we have made it more difficult for citizens of other countries to come visit us, and governments frown on people-to-people exchanges. All this at a time when such exchanges are critical as we fight enemies with out borders, enemies that care not about the deaths of innocents.

My non-American friends have the same needs and values that we have. We all search for the way to provide for our common interest, safety and happiness. I hope you can understand that they see the world from a different perspective. A good example is Iraq, no matter how you feel abut it politically you have to grieve for the loss of so many lives. My non-American friends do as well. The difference is that the media often concentrates on only our losses while those in other countries see not only American losses but also the deaths of thousands of innocent non-combatant men, women, and children, deaths that are too often casually called collateral damage.

I honestly believe that the answer lies above, “Friendship, trust, confidence, empathy, mercy, love and faith.” Humanity needs us all to work for understanding and better lives for all.


To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed -- That can make life a garden.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


While I sat in the reception area of my doctor's office, a woman rolled an elderly man in a wheelchair into the room and 'parked' his chair right next to me.

As she went to the receptionist's desk to 'check in', the man sat there all alone, and silent.

Just as I was thinking I should try to make some small talk with him, a little boy slipped off his mother's lap from across the room, and walked over to the wheelchair. Placing his little hand on the man's, he said....

"I know how you feel. My mom makes me ride in the stroller sometimes too."


A terrible thing happened to me last week. I tried to live within my means and was picked up for vagrancy.

Bob Orben


Mr. Jacobson decided to take a week off from the pressures of the office and went skiing. Alas, no sooner did he reach the slopes than he heard an ominous rumbling: moments later a sheet of snow came crashing toward him.

Fortunately, Mr. Jacobson was able to jump into a cave just before the avalanche hit. Just as fortunately, he had matches with him and was able to light a fire.

Hours later, when everyone but Mr. Jacobson had returned, a rescue team was sent to search for him.

After several hours they saw smoke curling from the cave and went to investigate.

Poking his head into the entrance, one of the rescuers yelled, "Mr. Jacobson, are you there? It's the Red Cross."

Bristling, the harried executive called back, "Get lost. I gave at the office!"


"I am imagination...

I can see what the eyes cannot see,

I can hear what the ears cannot hear,

I can feel what the heart cannot feel."

Peter Nivio Zarlenga


Advertising Terms Explained*......

NEW - Different color from previous design.

ALL NEW - Parts are not interchangeable with previous design.

EXCLUSIVE - Imported product.

UNMATCHED - Almost as good as the competition.

FOOLPROOF OPERATION - No provision for adjustments.

ADVANCED DESIGN - The advertising agency doesn't understand it.

IT'S HERE AT LAST - Rush job. Nobody knew it was coming.

FIELD TESTED - Manufacturer lacks test equipment.

HIGH ACCURACY - Unit on which all parts fit.

FUTURISTIC - No other reason why it looks the way it does.

REDESIGNED - Previous flaws fixed - we hope.

DIRECT SALES ONLY - Factory had a big argument with distributor.

YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT - We finally got one to work.

BREAKTHROUGH - We finally figured out a use for it.

MAINTENANCE FREE - Impossible to fix.

MEETS ALL STANDARDS - Ours, not yours.

SOLID-STATE - Heavy as anything!

HIGH RELIABILITY - We made it work long enough to ship it


Hypochondriac's headstone epitaph: "See?"


A man writing at the post office desk was approached by an older fellow with a post card in his hand.  The old man said, "Sir, I'm sorry to bother you but could you address this post card for me?  My arthritis is acting up today and I can't even hold a pen."  

"Certainly, sir," said the younger man, "I'd be glad to." He wrote out the address and also agreed to write a short message and sign the card for the man. Finally, the younger man asked, "Now, is there anything else I can do for you?"  

The old fellow thought about it for a moment and said, "Yes, at the end could you just add, 'PS: Please excuse the sloppy hand-writing?'"


"Another good thing about being poor is that when you are seventy your children will not have declared you legally insane in order to gain control of your estate."

Woody Allen


A fellow in a bar notices a woman, always alone, come in on a fairly regular basis. After the second week, he made his move. "No thank you." she said politely. "This may sound rather odd in this day and age, but I'm keeping myself pure until I meet the man I love."

"That must be rather difficult." the man replied.

"Oh, I don't mind too much." she said. "But, it has my husband pretty upset."


One man scorned and covered with scars still strove with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world will be better for this.



Stay well, do good work, and have fun.


Ray Mitchell

Indianapolis, Indiana

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