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Indy TweetUp on the 12th to Celebrate Twestival -- Whenever, wherever two tweeters meet, reflect and enjoy #twindy09 in a tweet.

It began on Feb 4th when I was tweavesdropping on a conversation between @nancymryland and @gregcooper . I asked if they would be interested in celebrating twestival with me on the 12th and they said yes!

I submitted my info to the twestival committee so that Indianapolis could be listed among the nearly 200 cities participating in this event to raise awareness and money for

“… cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water.”

The Indy TweetUp will be an Awareness Raising Event to remind Hoosiers how lucky we are to live in a community where clean water is pumped directly into our homes. One in six people on the planet do not have safe drinking water and Indiana is blessed with water on demand. That is worth celebrating, reflecting, and tweeting about.

As I blog, there are four locations and over 25 confirmed participants. Check out #TWINdy09 for the most current list. Be sure to check out the facebook initiative with SI's own, Nicki Laycoax, at the helm.

The Bean Cup Greenwood at 8:00am
Hubbard & Cravens Broad Ripple 8:30am
Tweet You At Arnie’s North Side 5:00pm
Vinea Wine Bar Indianapolis International Airport 6:00pm

If nothing on this list works for you, START YOUR OWN. Send the info to @amystark to post on the website. If we collectively add #TWindy09 in a few tweets on the 12th, we will gain International exposure among the other participating cities and anyone else watching the public timeline that day.

Whenever, wherever two tweeters meet, reflect and enjoy #twindy09 in a tweet.

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