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The Social Media tidal wave is gaining momentum, are you prepared?

How many social media sites are out there, anyhow?

Social Media is in the midst of exponential growth.
The image below is somewhat dizzying,
and overwhelming. I selected it
specifically for that reason.


Ten easily repeatable steps a nonprofit should use to spread their message FREE via social media:

1. Produce an amazingly fabulous product (AFP) It must have an element easily translated into Internet Protocol.

2. Create a brand = logo plus meme. Protect your brand and pay close attention to intellectual property laws.

3. Find your influential early adopters and welcome their brutally honest feedback. Allow your early adopters to share a bit of their expertise, make them feel they have skin in the game.

4. Encourage your evangelical early adopters to talk about your AFP within their circle of influence, and ask them to place your brand in their blogs (using customized badges and links).

5. Always make step four Legal, Easy, and Safe to Share (LESS)

6. Sustain your Amazingly Fabulous Product (SAFP). Critical step.

7. Welcome ongoing dialogs between the evangelists and the Big Boss! (direct one-to-one communication is always best).

8. Start a wiki where people can donate ideas and share their perspective. Encourage them to write your story for you.

9. Promote and encourage bridging social capital within your group of early adopters making it easy for all to tap into the collective genius pool.

10. Track Results and repeat what works.

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