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Why I live in Indiana- Forum Discussion from Smaller Indiana

Indianapolis is a big city with a small town feel, which appeals to me. Mostly I live in Indiana because it's home.

I grew up in Ft. Wayne and spent many summers at Enchanted Hills Playhouse--a Summer Stock Theatre near Syracuse. I played the role of Amaryllis in Meredith Wilson's The Music Man when I was nine years old. I have some wonderful memories of Lake Wawasee, Erik. Thanks for reminding me.

I spent a few months after I graduated, trying to land a teaching position in Antigua, West Indies. I was young and had grandiose notions of bringing American education to the Islands. In turn, I became the student and learned so much about how to experience contentment and peace within your own soul. It was incredibly beautiful, but it wasn't home.

I lived in Hell's Kitchen (corner of 44th and 10th) in the City for a year. It was amazing, it truly was amazing. I took the Frank Sinatra challenge, "If I can beat, beat>>Make it there, I'll make it beat, beat>>anywhere." I made it, but NYC never felt like home.

I am proud of my roots and my Hoosier Heritage-- e.g.Cole Porter, Hoagy Charmichael, Red Skelton, John Wooden, Sydney Pollock, to name just a few. "Back Home Again in Indiana" rings true in my heart.

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