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August 2008 Blog Posts (5)

Warren Buffett and seven secrets

Warren Buffett and seven secrets

I have a digg widget on my Google dashboard and I clicked an article about Warren Buffet--perhaps the wealthiest man on the face of the earth. Bill Gates and Warren play a version of one-up-manship by seeing who can donate the MOST amount of money to philanthropic causes.

Warren Buffett has been on my top ten hero list for some time, but after discovering he plays bridge online with… Continue

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Is This a Chinese Internet News Site?


The site is sponsored by UPS, Sony and LG and if you listen to one of the ON TV “stock reports” you will often hear the reporter say “Google”.

The mashup of images above are screen-shots of some of their five second branding animations at the end of each segment.

The country-code TLD is .cc, which means the site is hosted in an… Continue

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Will the creative arts ever get respect? Will math and science always be King?

In his book entitled, Out of our Minds, Sir Ken Robinson contends that our current educational structure promotes math and science as the highest academic achievement and the arts as the lowest-worldwide.

Sir Ken, as I like to call him, claims that virtually all countries regularly “strip mine” their children’s minds for certain subjects that are considered valuable, while neglecting those that may be CRITICAL in the future. With the exponential growth in technology, we have no way… Continue

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How will the Net Neutrality debate affect your Internet experience?

Image retrieved from Berkeley University's website defining net neutrality.

An enforcement order has been placed on Comcast by the FCC. This order-in effect-will regulate how Comcast shapes data traffic. The issue bubbled up when it was discovered that Comcast was limiting speeds connecting peer-to-peer websites such as BitTorrent.

I “stumbled” on a… Continue

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Visual Images capture entire concepts. If you don’t believe me check out the “even more” section on Google.

Can you guess what Google service corresponds to each icon? Google is defining an Icon alphabet with very bright colors and simple lines. I wonder if someone from Asia will recognize what these symbols mean. Do shopping carts in China look like the ones at Kroger? I have always been fascinated with visual representations, which is one reason I thoroughly enjoyed Elegant Funk.

I connect easily with images, but the section of my brain… Continue

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